Thursday, November 16, 2006

I love it already...

Let's see, we're going to fight global warming by hoisting giant guns with balloons into the upper atmosphere where they will fire tons of sulfur to block the sunlight and cool the earth.

The Dutch climatologist, awarded a 1995 Nobel in chemistry for his work uncovering the threat to Earth's atmospheric ozone layer, suggested that balloons bearing heavy guns be used to carry sulfates high aloft and fire them into the stratosphere.

While carbon dioxide keeps heat from escaping Earth, substances such as sulfur dioxide, a common air pollutant, reflect solar radiation, helping cool the planet. [More]

Why didn't I think of that? Reactions have been ummm, mixed.

But wait - it could get even better. First you'll have acid rain falling as the sulfates mix with water to form sulfuric acid - that will be fun. And of course, every now and then a large artillery piece will sorta plummet to earth.

Is this a great planet or what??


Anonymous said...

A little more pollution would help our soil tests. Our consultant says we are getting low sulfur levels in some soils because there is not as much atmospheric sulfur. stop global warming and increase sulfur levels in soils! Bring back the old smog machines!!

John Phipps said...

Joe: Somebody told me that sulfur levels were highly dependent on how far your farm was from railroad tracks, since much of the S came from engine smoke pollution.

BTW, in a similar vein, I have been pondering the strange problem that occurs when we reduce the mercury emissions from coal power plants. More in a future post.