Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gee, thanks, Mr. President...

The USFR producer sent me a link to a story that seemed appropriate for John's World:

Channel 4 is to unveil a shocking menagerie of genetically modified animals in a new show revealing the frightening leaps technology has taken.

Among the bizarre engineered creatures from around the world is a giant cow, three times the size of ordinary cattle, reared without fat to produce gallons of milk. [More]

Hmmm... Aside from the overwrought prose, this whole article sounds like a PR plant. Let's parse this sucker out for any inadvertent truth.
  • "...giant cow, three times the size of an ordinary cow..." The bovine in question is a Belgian Blue. While they are a large breed (cows at maturity average 1100 lbs.) they are not 3x. The average mature Holstein weighs in at about 1500 lbs, for example.

  • "...reared without fat...." Well, duh. How much cholesterol in grass?
  • "...produce gallons of milk..." This one made me blink. Why would a British paper talk in gallons instead of liters? Anyhoo, the average dairy cow in the US produces about 1600 lbs /month or a little over 50 lbs/day which means about 6 gallons using round numbers.
So to sum up, you oughta see this swell TV show in order to view a sorta large cow which eats grass and produces the usual amount of milk.

How did I find out all this stuff?

I used the Google on the Internets.


rhoads said...

I'd love to be there (at a safe distance) when they try to put the milker on that "cow". rhoads

Anonymous said...

looks like a fair amount of bull to me.

Anonymous said...

Viewing the picture displayed, I do not think there is any milk available for me to get anywhere close to that one!

John Phipps said...

OK, OK - the picture was just to show the breed. Click on "more" to see the animal in the story quoted. Even that one looks suspicious.