Thursday, June 25, 2009

Plus you don't need rectangular hogs...

America's senior business leadership uses bacon to save their... ummm, bacon.
Next time you order breakfast at a Marriott, you may notice something new about the bacon. Instead of being served in identical six-inch strips, it now comes in an assortment of sizes. That's because senior executives of Marriott, after sampling four or five varieties of bacon in a blind taste test, found that an irregular cut, which costs less, tastes just as good as the rectangular slices traditionally served in the company's hotels.
Although J.W. "Bill" Marriott Jr., the company's longtime chairman and chief executive, had his doubts, he approved the new specifications when he learned that they would save about $2 million a year. "Times are changing," says the 77-year-old CEO. [More]

In a more serious note, I wonder if we will have to have a period of really cheap meats to maintain demand.  This would mean shifting the focus from the most expensive cuts and simply feeding for low-priced protein.

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