Thursday, August 06, 2009

Helpful fashion hints for farmers: #21...

[More - check out his non-socialist health reform plan]

BTW - who are these people?


Anonymous said...

Sooo...most farmers are concealing shame? Embarrassment about government payments? Guilt over unacknowledged animal abuse? Or maybe just regret over participation in agricultural system that is contributing to American obesity, Gulf Stream dead zones, global warming, antibiotic resistance, extinction of endangered species, aquifer depletion, and, oh yeah, actually feeding people (because as we all know, the world would be a better place without humans).

Please--I'm joking and I wear my hat straight.

Ol James said...

...hmm...well they got it wrong. It's a cap not a hat. You wear it one of 2 ways or not at all. The right way for daily activities. And, backwards if you are riding in a boat or other fast moving vehicle, or so you wont knock it off when you are trying to fix your truck, tractor, combine or other mechanical duties. Anything else isn't's just stupid.