Sunday, August 23, 2009

Worse yet, it's socialist...

A lot of nonsense is being trafficked as reality these days, why not the Mongolian Death Worm?
ARMED with explosives, two men are heading to Mongolia's Gobi Desert to find the fabled acid-spitting and lightning-throwing Mongolian death worm.
The worm has never been documented but some Mongolians are convinced it exists. They call it Allghoi Khorkhoi, or "intestine worm" because it resembles a cow's intestine and is about 1.5m long. The worm apparently jumps out of the sand and kills people by spitting concentrated acid or shooting lightning from its rectum over long distances, NZPA reports. (Seriously.)
New Zealand TV entertainment journalist David Farrier, who is organising the expedition, and cameraman Christie Douglas, leave this week to spend two weeks in the Gobi, trying to verify the worm's existence and making a documentary about it.
Farrier said he had always been fascinated by cryptozoology, or the search for hidden creatures. [More]

I think they are trying to find it so the death panels can use them.

(Pass it on.)

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