Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The agroblogosphere evolves...

[Dibs on the word "agroblogosphere]. Thanks to some fellow reader-bloggers, John's World has been added to an aggregation of international farm blogs. As soon as I'm done traveling, I'll dig deeper into Farmblogs - or you can go on ahead.
Hi there John, from Ian in France,

Sorry to be a bit off topic here but.....

The reason I’m writing is because I am a big fan of farmers’ blogs, and I got frustrated at spending too much time trying to find good ones and then forgetting to bookmark them.

So, I’ve started

The idea is simple. I ask farm bloggers I like to recommend bloggers they like; I then write to those that they have recommended, as I am writing to you, and ask you to send me a brief description of your blog, and the farm blogs that you recommend.

You were recommended by Marianne at Northview Diary.

I’ve put a link to you on (If you can do the same for that would be great.)

All I ask is that you send me a brief email to info AT with a few words about your farm, your blog AND your own favorite farmers’ blogs.

I then make a brief posting, add your recommendations, contact the blogs you recommend, and so it goes.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

P.S This is a no-advertising, entirely for fun, world-wide community driven blog. I also do regular news postings on world agriculture of all types.

One reason I like to link often to my info sources is this phenomenon - the weaving of an information net that multiplies our abilities.

More later - but now off to ORD and South Dakota to talk to Sunflower Growers.

[Thanks, Marianne]

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Ol James said...

I got dibbs on "mullock" may not be a real word but around here it's what we call 10#'s of....well....manure in a 5# sack. Or, most politicians.
Went to the Blogs there and some interesting stuff.