Monday, June 30, 2008

Just one more reason...

Why I think NASS is one of the worst bureaucracies in government. While information systems are being unveiled every day that provide depth, scope and real-time data, NASS turns out the same reports for more money at a speed no faster than 1956.

Compare and contrast with this import data website.
ImportScan is the world's most powerful competitive intelligence tool for the import-export business.

You get unlimited access to the entire ImportGenius database for your industry vertical, providing detailed information on every shipment entering the United States since 2006.

You can search by product type, importer, exporter, date of entry, port of entry, loading port, importer's address, exporter's address and more. Or combine searches to further refine your results. ImportScan then returns in-depth information about every shipment matching your query.

The results will include contact information for both the exporter and importer of the shipment, so you can find out where your competitors are sourcing their products overseas and where your overseas suppliers are selling in the U.S. The results can be easily exported to Excel or CSV format, downloaded or e-mailed to any address.

Your bosses will think you're a genius when you provide them with a detailed list of contact information for all of your competitor's suppliers! [More]
We should have weekly crop reports, with 12 hour-old data. And daily crop conditions from satellite and remote sensor technology.

Government should get better. Or be outsourced.

It's good enough for the Pentagon, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

If you want up-to-date satellite imagery and crop info, I'm sure there are private services you could subscribe to. Why should the government have to provide it?

John Phipps said...


Umm - because we are paying for it as provided by law? There are private insurance companies as well, but the government is in that business as well and at least makes an effort to evolve.

I would support losing the NASS trimming the USDA budget.