Saturday, June 07, 2008

Worst. Planting. Season. Ever...

With the arrival of 5.5" of rain this morning on top of (almost literally) 4.5" earlier this week, my guess for fieldwork is now a week away at the earliest. Three hundred acres of beans to plant, ?? acres of beans to replant and maybe spot in some corn.

Then there is spraying to do.

No trend line yields around here, methinks.

On the other hand I told Aaron how lucky he was to get this one out of the way on his first season as a farmer. For him it can only get better.


Anonymous said...


At least you have got to plant the first time, in many parts of southern Illinois many have not yet planted or are just now getting into the fields for the first time. And those who have planted have replanted for the thrid time. It is the worst ever and will not be a good year at all. We still have July and Aug heat to worry about with late planting. Many are talking to their elevators about how to deliver a non existant crop.

John Phipps said...


Didn't mean to get into a who's got it worse sweepstakes. You guys in the south half of IL, IN, OH, and MO have been under the gun since day one.

A favor: let me know how things work out at your elevators. This is a year like no other with production only part of the equation.

I hope your year improves dramatically and soon.

Anonymous said...

John, one of your Hotel Intercontinental marketing group guys here. SW Illinois, 35% done w/corn, 20% beans, if they come up!! Thousands of acres to plant around here, but Dept. of Ag. says 92% done. What a year! Guarding my crop ins. agent's life like it was my own...