Sunday, June 01, 2008

The solution to all our problems...

$8 gasoline. No, seriously.
6. An antidote to sprawl

The recent housing boom sparked further development of antiseptic, strip-mall communities in distant outlying areas. Making 100-mile-plus roundtrip commutes costlier will spur construction of more space-efficient housing closer to city centers, including cluster developments to accommodate the millions of baby boomers who will no longer need their big empty-nest suburban homes.

Sure, there's plenty of land left to develop across our fruited plains, but building more housing around city and town centers will enhance the sense of community lacking in cookie-cutter developments slapped up in the hinterlands. [More]
There is, of course a smattering of truth in this idea, methinks. But the problem is making the change.

I think it would be easier to leave it until I'm sorta dead, or similarly useless.

(I heard that!)

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Ol James said...

That means diesel will be around $15-18.00/gal. Man, I would hate to see your fuel bill!!
Sounds as if Mr. Pummer has a chauffeur to take him where he needs to go, or he lives near everything he needs, which couldn't be much.
Looks like the "Blog-Master" is back!!!