Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One last push...

Here's why the posts are slow.
1. The Options Webinar in about an hour. I've discovered those who fail to prepare are worth two in the bush. Or something like that. And we had about 250 signed up at last count!
2. I speak tomorrow night [Update: that would be Thursday night, 6/19] for the West Central IA Coops. My original presentation I planned may need some tweaking to be pertinent to the historic challenge facing them.
3. We're trying to spray and - dare I say the word? - plant the last 300 acres of beans. The tricky part here is how dry can we let it get. Guessing the next rain has not been our most successful exercise this spring.
4. Most of you guys are coping with much the same and likely aren't reading.

I'll be in touch - thanks for reading!

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