Thursday, May 14, 2009

I had this read wrong...

I figured small car dealerships would be the first off the cliff, but perhaps not.

GM's 2,700 rural dealership locations are relatively safe, even if they have lower sales volumes than some of the dealerships that will be cut. GM's turnaround plans released in February anticipated few cuts in the rural dealers in the near term.
But GM has since announced plans to cut much deeper into its overall dealership network. That earlier version of the turnaround plan called for it to cut its network to 4,100 dealerships by 2014. Now it expects to get that number down to 3,600 by next year, with most of them being eliminated this year. [More]

I hope your dealership is a lucky one.

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Anonymous said...

Just looked at the list and "Jacks & Jacks" in Rockville, IN is not on the hit list. Just a small family dealership from a few generations back. Guess there are not any others within their area! Lucky guys!