Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OMG, Canada...

I've always held the Canucks in great respect for their ability to thrive in - let's face it - an remarkably challenging corner of the globe.  But it seems Brits can match their wilderness toughness.

The Queen’s representative in Canada has delighted locals and outraged campaigners by eating a chunk of raw seal heart cut freshly from a victim of the annual hunt.
Michaëlle Jean, the Governor General of Canada, helped gut the mammal in front of television cameras before slipping a slice of heart into her mouth and announcing that it tasted like raw fish.
As she wiped the blood from her fingers, she said that it was delicious. “It’s like sushi,” she said. “And it’s very rich in protein.” [More]

I'm guessing Hillary is cancelling any trips north of the border for a while.

BTW: from other reports: "It doesn't taste like chicken"

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Anonymous said...

You know I was told to do this with the first deer I shot - take a bite out of the heart. I'm not a big fan of raw meat though, so I didn't do it.