Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maybe in a few years...

The USDA will step up and add their participation to the new media.  I know, let those progressive rascals at NASS take the lead!

This is how government improves the contact with the governed.  We need more of this.

(And faster, affordable, total coverage broadband, as well]

[Thanks, James]

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From Virginia said...


I spent the better part of seven years trying to push for a modern I.T. infrastructure at USDA. I became convinced that, generally speaking with a few exceptions, govt CANNOT do I.T. well. And outsourcing is generally not a good solution as govt gets abused under the contracting rules.

I advocated a system where the private sector designed, built, owned and operated the system and charged USDA each time the system was hit against. Such a system should include significant penalties for down time, system failures and the like, and allow for the contractor to pocket additional profit from new enhancements that made the system more efficient. But, this idea is too much for the contracting rules and gores too many sacred cows.