Monday, March 15, 2010

Exactly how fast...

Are you surfing?  The FCC wants to help with a simple Internet speed test.

Try it here.

So I did, and this is my score: Download 2835 kbps   Upload 634 kbps

The funny part is I immediately repeated the test at my favorite speed site:

The answer there:  Download 4835 kbps  Upload 631 kbps

So I checked back at the FCC site: Download 4780 kbps  Upload 592 kbps

The operative phrase is "your results may vary", I guess.

Anyhoo, the FCC will unveil soon an ambitious plan with some astronomical numbers. Even so the plan for "100-Squared" (100 Mbps in 100 million households) is not extraordinary in international comparison.

Are other countries doing this?

Yes, many countries are already way ahead of the United States in terms of broadband speeds and availability. South Korea, for example, boasts an average broadband speed of 43.3 Mbps, according to a 2008 report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). But, dissatisfied with those speeds, the South Koreans in February 2009 announced an ambitious goal to introduce 1 Gigabit-per-second broadband by 2013.
Other countries also boast impressive broadband speeds, according to the OECD. France, for example, averages speed of 43.3 Mbps and the Japanese enjoy speeds of 93.7 Mbps. The United States broadband speeds hover around 9 Mbps; however, keep in mind that broadband speeds in urban areas tend to be much higher. [More]
I'll try to read the plan when published and see what it might mean for rural citizens. Right now, I'm embarrassed by how giddy I am over 5 Mbps. 


Ron Ellermeier said...

John: I really enjoy your blog every day. Thanks.

My download speed is 940 kb/s, upload is 319 kb/s. Other that dial-up, the only service available in rural eastern and central Nebraska is wireless. There are a couple of county-wide Farmer Cooperative phone companies that have installed fiber, and they do much better. Many years ago, our Congressman, Bill Barret, succeeded in passing a bill giving all of eastern Nebraska phone business to Lincoln Telephone Company, which became Alltel, and then Windstream. With that kind of monopoly, they had little interest in updating old copper phone lines. We have little hope of good service here until that changes.

It would be interesting to the readers of the blog if you would disclose what type of service you get to achieve the relatively good speed you have.

Bob said...

We are fortunate to get about 7000 kbs/sec download & upload via KWISP wireless in DeKalb Co., IL. I don't know what I would do with 100 mbs! Perhaps watch video all day?

Anonymous said...

On this little island in the middle of the Pacific, My tests were;15,366 & 703 kbps and 10,427 & 981 kbps. Yes, results may vary!
Maui, HI