Thursday, March 11, 2010

A juvenile moment...

A GMO "tipping point"?



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give up on the concept of non GMO premiums quite yet. Monsanto was a clever company who managed to stay/get out of trouble with its products but China is getting into the GMO area big time. Given their corruptible regulatory system and poor track record on food safety matters there is still a high probability of a screw up that will bring the issue of GMO modifications back as an issue.

Ol James said...

Better be on the lookout Mr. John. If the non-GMO'ers get together with the EPA they will-
have your land listed as a potential Bio-hazard
,your grain will have to have a label stating it can cause some type of side affect.
Airborne traits from the GMO's will lead to the sterilization of animals, humans, and most everything.
Then ya got the USDA, EPA, FDA,SCLU, CIA, FBI and ALL the greenies to worry about.
Just glad they all haven't got together yet..
No Sir, I admire Farmers. All the distractions and they still produce a quality product, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ol James' juvenile moment! Must be the melamine.