Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why 2009...

Will loom large in farmer memory and life: it finished so badly. [Note: this assumes you have been able to "scrape the gum of 2009" off your shoes]

Daniel Kahneman, one of the preeminent happiness researchers, explains how we experience happiness, and how we remember happiness.  (Stay with it to the end - it's worth it.)

It is also curious to me, how, at the end of the lecture, Kahneman cites a Gallup poll the has an inflection point of about $60,000, which is eerily close to the the median mean household income for the US.

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Anonymous said...

Happiness like love,is only a fleeting moment of blissful ignorance.Reality,old age and loneliness. Thats something you can count on to show up before you die.