Sunday, February 13, 2011

I may not leave home again...

Some speeches and a granddaughter birthday party the last few days - and when I get home, this news:
  1. The last movie theater in Edgar county has closed.
  2. The last public golf course also.
  3. My health insurance company is selling its business to another company - unknown ramifications for our doctors and coverage.
  4. The IL Department of Revenue can't find my withholding payments for half of 2010.
  5. Our 40th Anniversary Eastern Mediterranean cruise with a two-night stop in Egypt is now an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise with a two-night stop in Istanbul. (Any bets on an uprising in Turkey now?)
  6. This piles on the the closing of our Deere dealership and last restaurant in Chrisman, BTW.
Things, indeed, do fall apart.


Anonymous said...

John hope you have some speaking engagements in Ontario this year..Not sure what population of Chrisman is but the trend here is the same for quite some time that other than small purchases everybody goes too a big box or TSC ,ect. We have a fairly high density population but we have lost local grade school (200 kids),most rural churches and with larger farms don't know many living on same road to-day where even 20 years ago they where all multi generational farms --don't like it but is reality-regards-kevin

JR said...

Thats hope and change for ya!