Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Just had a 5 second power interruption. Normally, if they power drops for more than 2 seconds it means we're on our own, but maybe we just dodged a bullet.

The forecast for Edgar County is not a happy one, however. We have about 1/2" ice on the ground and 1/4" on the trees.

Our main computer is on an emergency bus powered by our automatic generator (possibly the best $3500 I have ever spent) so I'll probably keep posting for something to do.  But this could be a bad one for folks in my area. Aaron and I were speculating about trying to move snow with ice under the drifts.

Be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure which is worse, don't enjoy either actually. Moving snow with ice underneath or moving snow with soft ground underneath. One you lose traction, the other you dig big gouges in the ground. Especially if your loader bucket is not exactly level square like mine.

Karl M. Hess said...

I remember an ice storm here in Pa. in early January (1994?) followed by a significiant snow (over a foot). The ice (about 1 inch) was a localized event and people 50 miles away did not know what we were talking about. Put chains on both trucks and the tractor (open station) with the loader to move snow. One of the trucks had the mixer for feeding our cattle. The chains stayed on for almost 10 weeks. It can be done. I used 10 years of patience in 10 weeks however.