Friday, May 09, 2008

Ask your college student...

About their professor reviews. These feedback opportunities are proving to be a little upsetting to the coddled life of academic tenure.

Suppose, f'rinstance you got a review like...
Aside from the fact that I learnt nothing of value in this class besides the repeated use of the word “postmodernism” in all contexts (whether appropriate or not) and the fact that Professor Venkatesan is the most confusing/nonsensical lecturer ever, the main problem with this class is the personal attacks launched in class. Almost every member of the class was personally attacked in some form in the class by either intimidation or ignoring your questions/comments/concerns. If you decide to take this class, prepare to NOT be allowed to express your own opinions in class because you have “yet to obtain your Ph.D/masters/bachelors degree”. We were forced to write an in-class essay on “respect” (and how we lacked it) because we expressed our views on controversial topics and some did not agree with the views of “established scholars” who have their degrees. [More]
I have long mused about a "How am I farming?" bumper sticker with an 800-number to call. Wouldn't be refreshing to anonymously call in to some doofus and say, "Dude, what were you thinking with that disk on wet bean stubble?"

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