Monday, May 19, 2008

Remember, we're in the energy business...

Not the water business. I think Julianne is right. The emergence problem could be more significant than the planting date focus. Note even as we catch up slightly to the planting tempo, we are falling behind in actual growth. And I heard some rumbling today at my fertilizer "pusher" that some corn planted right before the last big rains, isn't coming up in spots that looked pretty good to me at the time.

In short, we're low on GDU's. And I'm tired of long-sleeved shirts.

[Sorry about the "shouting" - I'm really not sure why that occurs from time to time]


Ol James said...

Let-er-rip, Mr John. It helps from time to time. I had to do a bit of loud talking to my dad the other day. We had cut some bamboo to stake out bean and maters. He was griping about the lenght of them,( 10-16 feet). After a few failed attempts at expalining why they were so long,(this way I could load more on the trailer). In a bit louder than normal tone I told him,".. we could cut them in half!!,durn it!!".
Sometimes we shout and it falls on deaf ears..maybe we should whisper so they can hear??

Anonymous said...

Tried to hold back and wait for the correct soil condiditons to plant my corn. Planted 5/5-5/7 in very good conditions. Then the skies opened and the temps dropped, and now 2 weeks later still no emergence. Nothing to do but wait, but did not anticipate waiting this long for emergence. A neighbor planted beans over 4 weeks ago and only a few have emerged to date. This business is not for the faint of heart.

John Phipps said...


Sounds familiar. My specialty corn is not overly vigorous, so waiting 2+ weeks on it when it went in so beautifully has not been fun.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So wha'dya want old stormy to do, Send ya some sun by 5/24?

Tell us where ya'bouts, what'cha need, and I'll ask God if he can spare it.

John Phipps said...


"Sun"?...what means "sun"?

Anonymous said...


It's a "GOOD THING" ya didn't ask me for FERTILIZER isn't it!