Sunday, May 18, 2008

The best of both worlds...

I was surprised to to be informed we have, in our national economic angst, overlooked some countries that score a double play when food and fuel are the best sellers. Are these the new winners in the 21st Century?
High oil and food prices are a double blow no nation can dodge entirely. Even oil states like Iran are seeing food-price protests. But there's a small class of farm-and-gas exporters for whom the dual spike is more opportunity than threat. Canada, Brazil, Vietnam and Thailand are all enjoying the windfalls, and even war-tattered Cambodia is now reimagining its future. It's "the only country in the world that has oil and gas reserves that are still untapped, as well as land available for agriculture," says Marvin Yeo, who left the Asian Development Bank to start one of Cambodia's first venture-capital firms. [More]
Plus the Canucks can use their muscular dollar to come down south and buy all the fancy health care they have to wait for. I'd be jealous if they weren't such nice guys.

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Anonymous said...

Morning John
Had to comment when you on the best of both worlds theory. I am a Canadian. I farm in estern ontario just outside of Ottawa our nations capital. We have dairy beef and cash crops. I really enjoy coming in from the barn in the morings to read your thoughts. The problem Canada has with oil is we send most of it to the US to get refined. From what I understand the estern half of Canada never gets to use oil from Alberta(greedy albertons would never let us easterners have a break). Our fuel all comes form out of country at a 1.35/litre for diesel right now( sorry for metric)
We have been enjoying cheaper farm equipment which means we are paying around the same price for that new tractor,as you. Only problem is we have to wait to get them. I bought a new 6430 JD in April and it should get here by August( the picture book of it should be well wore out by then!) Oh well keep up the good work ( I don't know when you have time to farm). the crop report from here is that corn is all in and half of it has emerged and the beans are mostly planted. I just got to rub it in a little we almost never have crops done this early. Good luck with yours.

Bruce H