Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In Memoriam...

This week saw the passing of a wonderful element of our lives: the Chicago Tribune. For many years we could receive the Trib by about 11 am. in the mail because it was remotely published in Champaign which just happens to be our main depot for the USPS - so we could get a same-day, big-city paper.

Reading the paper was a central event in both our lives, and we are lost right now. As much as I love on-line reading, I'm still from the newspaper generation, and we both loved Chicago. We considered ourselves living in the far, far suburbs.

I'll miss the Op-Ed, the news, and especially the comics. And I'll miss those daily reflective moments not at the computer. My guess is this contraction will be mirrored across the US as papers die by inches.

I know - what a whiner!

Still, at our age we are saying goodbye to many wonderful things, even as we embrace happy new things.


Anonymous said...

So what happened to the newspaper. Did they quit printing in Champaign? I know they haven't gone out of business, yet anyway.

John Phipps said...


Gosh - I never really said, did I? Anyhoo, to save a coupla million bucks they ended the contracts with Champaign and Madison, WI and offered to mail it to us at random intervals days late from the city.