Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Equal species time...

Steve has been wandering a bit much in the food aisle pondering the future of beef eating, and I have been happy to support and benefit from his musings.

But there are other protein sources, ya know.  Unfortunately, it seems the pork culinary tradition is a little less, umm...genteel.
Last night’s Cochon 555 event, an epic gustatory battle where five local chefs prepare eats from five different heritage pig breeds, boasted a little bit of everything, from pig-ear coleslaw and pig-heart ravioli to drunken head-butts, a chef being ejected from a local bar and a pair of food-industry pros being arrested by the cops after a brawl over local vs. out-of-state pigs. [More good food and pugilism readin']
I dunno, maybe these chef shows are crossing over into WWF territory.

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