Thursday, May 27, 2010

OK, now I'm confused...

Apparently the National Corn Growers Association has embraced the idea of anthropogenic climate change.  I say this because their snappy new ads feature this statement:


But oddly, their website doesn't even list AGW as an issue.   And I'd bet good money (assuming there is any) a poll of their members would not find many AGW proponents.  Just a hunch, based on the shellacking I get anytime I mention it around crop farmers.

Let's review.

Greenhouse gases don't matter if they don't cause the greenhouse effect (global warming). So if removing greenhouse gasses is something to be celebrated, then greenhouse gasses must be bad.

Jeez - pick a side, guys.  But only one.


Andy Vance said...

John; I think you understand advertising a bit better than your post indicates. Do 90% of the companies announcing "green" initiatives to combat global warming actually "believe" global warming is an issue, or are they simply doing the smart thing in accepting that a set of very vocal and influential policy makers/influencers believe it's an issue.

Aside from that, I would say NCGA, at least in my reporting over the past few years, has been the commodity group farthest out in front on this issue. Talk to guys like Past NCGA President Fred Yoder, and you clearly get the picture that NCGA leaders have been discussing climate change issues for years.

John Phipps said...


Does the hypocisy of that technique strike you as simply a necessary evil?

I have talked to Fred about this, and he understands my position. NCGA membership may have to accept this clear inconsistency for some perceived greater good, but I do not.

Tackling climate change cannot be done with essentially dishonest tactics, IMHO. NCGA may think it has avoided taking a postion on AGW, but they clearly have and seem to choose to DADT.

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is disgraceful, totaly. I wish we were just fighting pollution in general, not some hoax about carbon dioxide.