Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phrases only a cowboy could write...

From Steve Cornett, who should know better.
This is a “self-tenting” syringe and we think it worked just like they said it would. Except it didn’t actually “tent,” we think. It just did the subcutaneous injection without tenting. So it’s as easy as giving an intramuscular shot.
I heard about it in a news release from Elanco last week.  
The gizmo was invented in New Zealand, http://www.simcro.com/products/sekurus/sekurus_home.html
Elanco likes it, I suppose, because their Micotil product is dangerous if you shoot it into yourself, and that can be done if you’re pinching up skin with your left finger and shooting a nervous calf with a long needle in your right, and especially if you’re trying to hold onto a beer, too.
One more reason, I don't heart cowboys (pdf).
Even as both professions evolve, the images endure. I have noticed that in a neutral setting, with no visual clues, people are often surprised they didn't realize I was a farmer. When told, they speak more slowly and slightly louder, especially women. With cowboys, however, they tend to titter nervously, as if expecting an outlandishly manly incident at any second. 
Not like I'm jealous...

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