Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wasn't that corn green yesterday?...

Just when I thought we had handled all the challenges this season, corn 'round here started getting funky. Streaks of yellowed corn following anhydrous applicator patterns - a familiar issue - but this time it  seems more pronounced.  Maybe the good corn is just getting greener by contrast.

I know we have been here before, but many fields that were just disked before going back to corn are pretty ragged after looking fine the last two weeks.  I kinda remember cool weather and nutrient uptake issues can cause this.

Somebody tell me it'll be OK.

[This is where a photo would be if I could remember my phone takes photos.]

Meanwhile, we're having some of the most localized downpours I have ever seen.  You can watch your neighbor get an inch in minutes while sizzling in dust.

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Anonymous said...

it'll be ok john might be your best corn, or it might not. sorry i'm workin way too many hours, ac