Friday, May 14, 2010

I think about this every day...

Whatever happened to shaving cream ads?
So when I switched from electric to blade shaving, I naturally bought cans of shaving cream and used the stuff daily for years. Then, due to circumstances I forget (did I run out of it one day?), I simply put warm, soapy water on my face and the shave I got seemed just as good as one using the shaving cream. I stopped buying shaving cream and haven't used it since.
Because I seldom watch TV, I don't know how heavily shaving creams are advertised these days. But I haven't seen a shaving cream ad in a long, long time. Can others be abandoning the product too? Only your friendly neighborhood marketing mega-database knows for sure. [More]
I think my sons both use electric razors, while my experince is shaped by sharing a stateroom/wash basin with three other junior officers on a smallish submarine, where the buzz of an electric razor was unwelcome.

Long, long ago.

After reading this I am tempted to forego the foamy/gel products and see if soap works.

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