Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Then The Dear Leader says...

Jokes from North Korea.
- Chang Man Yong works on a collective farm in North Korea. He goes fishing, gets lucky, and brings a fish home. Happy about his catch, he tells his wife: "Look what I've got. Shall we eat fried fish today?"
The wife says: "We've got no cooking oil!"
"Shall we stew it, then?"
"We've got no pot!"
"Shall we grill it?"
"We've got no firewood!"
Chang Man Yong gets angry, goes back to the river, and throws the fish back into the water.

The fish, happy to have had such a narrow escape, sticks its head out of the water and cheerfully yells: "Long live General Kim Jong Il!"

It is one of my greatest hopes to see those people freed in my lifetime. And I hope the PRC does it.

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