Monday, January 07, 2008

An agent of loose change...

My goodness - CHANGE has become the buzzword of the day.
Candidates from both sides of the aisle are jumping on the campaign trail's latest buzzword, one day before the state holds its first-in-the-nation primary.

Democratic contender Barack Obama, who has opened up a 9-point lead over rival Sen. Hillary Clinton, told supporters the theme of his campaign has remained constant.

"We talked about change when we were up; we talked about change where we were down," the Illinois senator said at a rally in Claremont, New Hampshire, on Monday. "This change thing must be catching on." [More]

And for this observer, it is not good news for institutional agriculture. The timid steps toward reform in the proposed farm bill versions don't really seem to fit with the tide that is flowing strongly in umm, some direction.

There is a reason for this. Change implies that them that have don't simply get more - they have to earn it. Change means opportunities for new faces, new ideas - and new losers.

For those of us with short attention spans, this is great news. For those who already have their piece of the pie and simply want to hang on to it, it might be a wake-up call.

Perhaps ag policy can simply duck and cover. But this move might sweep into our tiny corner of the world whether we want it or not.

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