Monday, January 21, 2008

Count the spoons*...

I spoke today with a reader about the possibility of grain heists in farm country. But the ag boom is world-wide and so is the ag crime boom.

An international criminal gang is believed to be behind the theft of £3 million ($A6.69 million) worth of tractors, diggers, trailers and quad bikes a year.

Police believe thieves have routinely been stealing two vehicles a night from either farms or dealerships, The Times reported.

They then wait a few days before breaking into a different dealership where they steal identification documents and electronic vehicle management boxes, or "black boxes", from similar but unsold vehicles.

In one case a John Deere 6920 tractor and telescopic handler, which works in a similar way to a forklift, worth £115,000 ($A256,639.14) were stolen from a farm in Leicestershire.

Both vehicles were given new identification numbers and electronic boxes stolen from another dealership.

They were then shipped to Sydney and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with the proceeds split between criminals in Australia and Britain, the newspaper said. [More]
It's strange actually having stuff other people want for a change.

*I guess this reference is a little obscure.

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