Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here's the plan...

The John's World Philosophical Society* will have its inaugural meeting in the bar of the Intercontinental Hotel at 9 pm. tomorrow night (Wednesday).

Dress is casual, but pants will be required. Open to all faiths, political persuasions, and blood types.

I'm buying the first round. [Words my friends have never imagined hearing]

*Any resemblance to the nerds on The Big Bang Theory is purely coincidental.


Anonymous said...

A horde of Lemming like nerds were spotted heading up rt1 yesterday John. Did they all end up at the continental? I couldn't see for sure but they all seemed to have name tags that read ANONYMOUS how'd it go

John Phipps said...


Lemme tell ya - it was a Lindsay-Lohan-like blowout!! Yes we had one or tow "Anon" nametags but judging from the bar tab, not too shabby for a bunch of Internerds.

Seriously, it was well past 10:30 before I got to bed!