Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blogger note...

I'm in Topeka speaking to Kansas Soybean Growers and have to go to a darn reception/dinner with free food and adult beverages, soooo...blogging my be little slow.

Some notes from early conversations:
  • Anybody got any potash? Not to be found around here, I guess.
  • I've found more people considering joining in my new marketing plan: never, ever sell anything again - it will only go up tomorrow.
  • Talking with John, who just returned from Ukraine for the USB reinforced my hunches about the ag potential of that region.
One final note: I was listening to the Cafferty File in my room just now and he pointed out that this primary season could prove very unsettling for incumbents if Obama/Huckabee-types continue to run strong.
Whether he can go all the way we don’t know yet, but he’s sure getting everyone’s attention. My guess is those incumbent senators and congressmen who have to stand for re-election in November are noticing, too. Because if Obama is right, they are in big, big trouble. As well they should be. Most of them are a disgrace. [More]
Obviously reading my blog.

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