Monday, January 14, 2008

Jeez - don't you guys read during the week?...

Another helpful e-mail pours in from a regular reader and remorseful seller:
I think my $6.25 a bushel 2008 sale for wheat planted this fall should
be a gold medal performance in the
"you-think-you-made-a-stupid-forward-sale" contest. Trouble is my
'extensive search of all the wheat growers in the USA' yielded few who
went bankrupt selling $6.25 wheat.
What is the cost of your 'never, ever, sell again' newsletter? It can't
be as expensive as selling yesterday.

Enjoy, these days would not be believed by my father and grandfather.

Thanks for asking. The No-Sell Marketing Newsletter will be priced $5* per year under Jerry Gulke's service.

* Euros preferred, however.


Anonymous said...

$6.25 gets the gold medal in the stupid-forward-sales competition?!?!

HOW ABOUT $4.90!!!

John Phipps said...


Umm - we have a new champion. You da man.

You probably have brought more happiness to more people than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

I know of some ~2.80 forward corn sales made in '06...probably looked good that summer.