Monday, January 07, 2008

Of course it's food vs. fuel...

Consider this quote from a sunflower industry insider:
Sunflower processors are having a difficult time getting farmers to sign contracts for 2008 sunflowers. With markets being so volatile and dynamic many farmers are having a difficult time deciding when to jump in and make decisions as no one wants to leave money on the table. Some sunflower processors are considering offering a base contract with an escalator clause built in that would move the base price to a higher level if new crop prices increase during the contracting season. I think there will be a strong push in the next two months to get acres but so will all the other crops.
We really aren't fooling anybody when we talk about how crops are competing for acres and then say our food supply will be unaffected.

Besides farmers don't get to make that call. Food industry people do. And consumers.

[Thanks, John]

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