Friday, January 18, 2008

I could just cry...
It's all about timing, man. The White House may be pushing an investment tax credit - (remember those?)
To Be Effective, The Growth Package Should Bolster Both Business Investment And Consumer Spending, Which Are Critical To Economic Growth

1. An effective growth package must include tax incentives for American businesses -- including small businesses -- to make investments in their enterprises this year. Giving them an incentive to invest now will encourage business owners to expand their operations, create new jobs, and inject new energy into our economy in the process. [More][my emphasis]
as part of the stimulus package, but for farmers the toy stores are empty.
"The message that needs to be put out there to the community is that the larger products –be they combine harvesters, 4WDs or larger row-crop-type tractors - could be in short supply this year," he says.

"Because of the strength of the market in North America, that's going to put pressure on all manufacturers to get large product out (of America).

"Most of the factories there are approaching capacity, or near full capacity - so any increase in demand from Australia is going to be very hard to deliver on." [More]
A neighbor returning recently from the Deere factory to pick up his new machine said there were freight cars loading combines to head to Argentina and trucks moving them to PNW to go to Russia. He also said the combine production line has been sped up about 20%.

That was not particularly confidence-inspiring...

(The new delivery date for my 9570 is now 10/6/2008.)

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Anonymous said...

I will come and hand shuck corn to help out your harvest 2008 situation if you promise the first ride in the new combine to me, birthday is 10-02 and my 16 month old would love it!