Sunday, January 06, 2008

They're not making more oceans either...

Fish farming has not been a work of pristine success. But we're learning. And we really need to keep learning.
Levels of wild-fish catches have been stable since the mid-1980s, and the vast majority of the world’s capture-fisheries are fully exploited—or indeed over-exploited: we cannot, therefore, catch more wild fish than we do today. But the demand for fish is booming, thanks to growing numbers of people, and their increasing affluence.

By 2030 a whopping 37m extra tonnes of fish will be needed to maintain current levels of fish consumption per person. The missing fish that needs to be found to sustain levels of consumption has been dubbed the “fish gap”, and it will have to be filled by fish farming. [More]

The ever-present charge that things aren't working perfectly should not deter us from efforts to uncover reasonable solutions. Fish farming is finding answers, so will the energy crisis, and other human problems.

The key is to define what winning is and make sure the market rewards the winners.

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