Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Mr. T" wrist chains...

Wristwatches are one tiny step from being little but jewelry - at least for people younger than me (which is most of them).
Cell phones have one clear advantage over wristwatches, said Brooks Hurd, 58, an engineer from San Luis Obispo, Calif., who travels to Asia for about six months each year. Hurd said he can land anywhere and feel assured that the time on his phone is in sync with the atomic clock.

“It’s extraordinarily accurate,” he said. But Hurd feels the world is big enough to accommodate both time-telling methods. He alternates between an MP3 wristwatch that holds up to 256 megabytes worth of music and his trusted Seiko.

Others look beyond the functionality of wristwatches. For them, the watch is solely a fashion accessory, a way to satisfy the “bling” factor. [More]
How much "bling" in a plastic Timex, anyway?

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