Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What the hey??....

I just tried to submit my MANDATORY* Ag Census online. Got through the ID screen but after being asked if I am currently farming I got bumped to a bizarre little page: "come back later" In seven languages.

I'm using Firefox on a Mac. I'll see if the same thing happens with IE.

OK - here's what happened with Windows and IE7:
"We are sorry but for security reasons we are unable to allow you to return the form. This can happen if you start the form but fail to save and exit properly for some reason (PC malfunction, network failure, etc.). We apologize for the inconvenience, but the easiest option at this point is to fill out the paper form and return it in the envelope provided."
Hmmm - how conveeeenient for those goldbricks at NASS. Those darned computers just can't be trusted so let's just stick to the old way that employs more people and uses much more time.

This reeks.

Meanwhile the FSA hands out millions via computers without a glitch. Guess we can tell which bureaucracy understands the system better. (Read that anyway you choose.)

I'll try again later (maybe it's just me) - how did it go for you guys?

* Remember - it's a $100 fine for not completing, but $500 for lying. This poses a moral quandary for libertarian/humorists like me.


Anonymous said...

I wish we could say that FSA hands out millions without a glitch. The agency is operating with a computer system that has major components that date to 1985! Think where you were in technology in 1985, did you even have a cell phone or know what e-mail was?

At any rate, as FSA tries to migrate to something closer to the 21rst century there have been repeated times when the system crashes and payments are delayed. Every time they build new web based software it has to bridge back to the antique system left from the 1980's and that makes software development difficult and time consuming, often delaying program delivery. Just ask your local FSA office staff about their frustrations.

The agency is hoping that the new farm bill conference report provides resources to complete the modernization effort.

John Phipps said...


I would not know about what happens on the other end. All I know is I got a $47,000 LDP in 17 hours with no hiccups.

That's service!


Bill Harshaw said...

But did you try the electronic LDP right after FSA implemented it? Never use version 1.0 of the software. As a retired FSA employee, I'd like to think we do well, but I suspect this may be NASS's 1.0 census software.

Anonymous said...

I submitted my census report this afternoon after I had penciled in the paper form and it was easier and faster than inking the paper form would have been and I still have my copy for a record of what I reported