Monday, February 18, 2008

It used to be such a nice country...

I tried to get into Canada today to speak to the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario. I remembered to bring my passport. But when I got to the border dude the conversation went something like this:
Why are you coming to Canada?
To speak at a meeting in London.
What kind of meeting?
What about?
About the boom in grain farming and what it might mean for the future?
Are you being paid?
How much?
Excuse me?
How much are you being paid?
Umm, $XXX
One moment.
(Closes the window)
(Opens window)
Take this ticket and go talk to immigration (gives directions)

In the immigration office:
Why are you speaking to Canadian farmers?
They invited me. They watch US Farm Report and read my blog, I think.
Take a seat, we'll call you after some checking.

(About 5 minutes later)
You can go. Give this paper to the officer at your car.

Weird, no? According to my hosts, the Canadian government doesn't want "furriners" coming into do jobs Canadians could be doing.

Their suggested "right answer": I'm going to look at a planter.

No, I'm not making this up.


Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't have any milk with you. They'd have not let you in. But you could've helped to balance the milk quota system by bringing some of Canada's excess heifers back with you. Our US dairy herd has increased by 3800 a week over the last four months. Of course, those Canadian heifers were too insignificant in number to matter.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Canada ,sorry about the boarder problems.But the U.S customs can be a hassel to,as my seven year old daughter had to be frisked by Home Land Security once! Hope every one treats you well here and you enjoy the snow ;)