Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two birds with one stone...

Today is Charles Darwin's (and my 2nd favorite President) birthday, and also almost Valentine's Day, so...

[More, even sadder valentines]


Anonymous said...

So who is your favorite president?

Not sure about a ranking so much, but for me the top five are:
Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, Jefferson, Madison

John Phipps said...


Believe it or not it's Herbert Hoover.

First, he was an engineer. Second, while he made disastrous economic decisions for which he will be ever linked, he did so for sound reasons and in agreement with many if not most economists of the time.

Third he almost single-handedly saved millions of Belgians from starvation by extraordinary effort.

But even after his ignominious presidency and universal scorn, he lived a life of public service and honor. He pressed on after many would have hidden away.

He was a great and honorable man who spent himself in worthy causes.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a very sound argument. Too often the President's like Hoover are overlooked for their accomplishments.