Thursday, February 07, 2008

ORD 2, JWP 1 - The battle continues...

Just like the Democratic primary, O'Hare and I fought to a draw yesterday coming home from Colorado. I got to Chicago two hours late and mushed through the snow to arrive 2 minutes before midnight.

Anyhoo - thanks for a great time at the High Plains No Till Conference! Some have asked for the file for my presentation Wednesday - The Prediction Problem: Why the future isn't what it used to be.

Find it here.


Anonymous said...

I tried to access the webcast today to hear your audio along with the PowerPoint, hoewever it would not connect. Do you happen to have a file to compliment your audio?

John Phipps said...


I don't know about the webcast file, check with The Barn if that's the problem.

Hmmm. The ppt link (where it says "here") works for me.

Do you have PowerPoint? If not you can download the free PowerPoint viewer at:

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your talk on "The Prediction Problem" at the No Till Conference.