Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maybe I'm wrong...

Hardly a news flash, huh? When I was in Canada I spoke with some young ag communications students who had attended my presentation. One of them said my presentation was inspirational. My reaction was close to offense, although I'm pretty sure she saw it as an attempt at least at modesty.

I have never wanted to be lumped into that category, and frankly find the motivation industry to be pretty dang shallow. I feel they manipulate people emotionally (which I despise), and yet find myself reminded constantly in my research how important it is to respect our "old" brain - which is basically our emotional center.

I hope to do this in a way that at least has some respectable and defensible hard data, preferably with pie charts and linear regression. But the deeper we probe into how we decide and choose to act, into how we plan and the effect of those plans, and especially into how important it is to connect with those around in our lives and our value chain, the less goofy some of these guys sound.

I'm not talking about the speaker-circuit fire-walkers or goopy self-help guru/authors, but people who can touch our emotions in a delicate and honest manner to help us change our lives for the better.

So when a friend sent me this link, I checked it out and decided to post it. Make of it what you will, but it can't offend or diminish your life, I'm sure. And if you decide I'm getting old and sloppily sentimental, I think I'm OK with that too. This won't happen very often.

[Thanks, Dave]

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