Monday, February 25, 2008

It's growing on me...

I wrote earlier about the new Cargill website. Just an update to say, it has not only gotten better and (I think*) faster, but it now needs less navigation to arrive at my quotes. The site remembers me and zeroes in on my stuff immediately.

[The reason I'm posting this unsolicited testimonial is I just got off the site after I sold some of the last of my '07 corn today and a little '08 corn and beans. I guarantee the market will therefore go up tomorrow]

Oddly, one of their most promising pages is the "Financial" page with stock market info. Still it needs the quotes on their grain bin program, although more information is up now on special programs like "Working Bushels"

I told 'em last time beauty is as beauty does. However, this cutting edge site is delivering more and more of what I need. And according to my Cargill customer rep, the nirvana of complete on-line transaction capability is in sight.

Hmmmm - that leads to the heightened possibility of marketing under the influence. Lord knows, I think I've seen many a blog comment from possibly impaired readers. I'm thinking about one of those breath interlocks on my computer. May be some kinda intelligence test that has to be completed accurately in a given time before you are allowed to book a sale.

I smell a Web 2.0 startup...

* The kids just got home from school, and my server always bogs down about now.

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