Thursday, February 07, 2008

They have international tournaments?...

Bird flu is bad enough as a health problem. But now it's interfering with the sports world (and, more importantly, badminton betting).
The bird flu is not just taking a toll on chicken, it's latest victim is the sport of badminton in India.

India's preparatory camp for the Thomas and Uber Cup qualifiers, which was to begin in Goa on Wednesday, was cancelled because of a shortage of shuttlecocks.

There are no shuttlecocks to practice with because the Union Agriculture Ministry has banned the import of feathers from China after a bird flu outbreak there.

China and Chinese Taipei have the best quality of goose feathers which go into making shuttle cocks.

With all international tournaments played with these shuttles only, the Badminton Association of India has had to call off the camp. [More]
What - they're too fancy-schmancy to use the plastic ones?

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