Saturday, December 26, 2009

No guy left behind...

Men are not getting degrees like women.  Especially in Canada.

The chart above shows the number of female college graduates (bachelor's degrees) per 100 male graduates in both Canada (data here) and the U.S. (data here) from 2003-2007. For the most recent year of actual data (2007), there were 163 female college graduates in Canada for every 100 male graduates, as women received almost 62% of all bachelor's degrees. In the U.S. women received almost 58% of all bachelor's degrees in 2007, and therefore earned 137.4 degrees for every 100 males. [More]
It would be interesting to see a plot of beer consumption imposed on the data. 

Seriously, I think many young men don't take higher education and the college experience all that seriously until they are excluded from the "good job" market.

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