Monday, December 28, 2009

Now we know how...

Children feel about traveling.  Flying is approaching the equivalent of a car-seat for adults.
As part of the increased security, passengers on a flight Saturday from Brussels, Belgium, to Dulles Airport in Virginia were not allowed to leave their seats for the last hour of the flight, a traveler told CNN.
Niki Yazzie said the flight crew told the passengers that they had to remain in their seats with their seatbelts fastened and couldn't have any items, such as pillows or blankets, covering their laps; everything was stowed away.
Passenger Johnny McDonald, who was on a U.S. domestic flight, told CNN he saw officials X-ray milk parents had brought for infants and saw many people patted down.
"They X-rayed the milk I don't know how many times," McDonald said. "And then they took the milk out and sampled each and every bottle of the milk. I've never seen that before." [More]

This unfortunately predictable over-response to the latest incident will continue the hassle of air flight for businesses and even vacationers. I suspect more technology will be thrown at sales programs as opposed to face-to-face transactions.  We'll get used to it, but the airlines won't.

Meanwhile, the BIG story of the day is Iran.  But it isn't getting much coverage outside foreign press and bloggers, especially Andrew SullivanIf you think through what regime change could mean in Iran to the US, the possibilities on the upside are enormous.  

Then ponder what a less hostile, more productive Iran oil industry could mean to oil prices.  Defense spending?  Terrorist support?

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