Monday, December 21, 2009

Free at last...

I have been metaphorically chained to my computer, trying to get my books up to date and budget for next year. Since I had declined to engage in this sort of activity for... umm,  several months, it was an all-day chore.  And I'm still not done.

However, I have turned the bookkeeping corner. [BTW, did you know "bookkeeping" is the only word with a "triple-double"?]

Forecasting 2010 is proving a challenge. I'm not normally too pessimistic, but bad results this year have probably spooked me. I also think listening to the Cargill market experts several times, has encouraged me to take the profits I can when I can.  Maybe I've reached the point where I begrudge less the guys who can hold and sell at extreme market tops.

I just want to sleep well and show up next spring.

Update: a loyal viewer sent his helpful reassurance my desk demonstrates an ordered mind.


Anonymous said...


I found your essay on cashflows particularly interesting, especially since it was prophetically composed fifteen years ago. Maybe it is just because I seemed to have followed a similiar path with the concept. This leads me to the present moment, with the question of is it really going to matter with the uncertainity facing agriculture in 2010?

John Phipps said...


Capitulation to forecast despair is NOT an option. With the increased volatility, you simply need a newer, faster, larger computer!

I'd go with a iMac.