Monday, December 03, 2007

Can't I drive a Prius instead?...

Like all environmentally-hep farmers, I want to do my part to lower my enviro-buttprint. But this is radical cruel.
Getting rid of vintage “beer fridges” – secondary fridges which many North American and Australian homes boast – could have a significant impact on household greenhouse gas emissions, suggests a new study.

Beer fridges are additional fridges that are generally used to keep beer and other drinks cold on top of a household’s primary fridge for food. One in three Canadian households has a second fridge, many of which are ageing, energy-guzzling models, according to Denise Young, a researcher at the University of Alberta, Canada. [Sadly, much more]

The downgrading of the older primary fridge to a "liquids-only" status in the basement is a cherished step in the brutal climb up the ladder of conspicuous refrigeration. How else to justify the addition of a $8000 arctic behemoth to hold mostly microwavable packages of highly-salted "food"?

Saving the planet isn't as easy as I thought it would be...

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