Saturday, December 15, 2007

That didn't take long...

While not from the Presidential Lips themselves, White House press secretary Dana Perino left little doubt as to the the administration position on the barely finished Senate Farm Bill.

"I think not." was my interpretation.

This week's ProFarmer has Chip and Roger and li'l Jimmy Weisemeyer all over the implications. Stealing from their analysis:
If the farm bill budget has to be “scaled
back,” which programs will be impacted?One
possibility (in addition to potential across-the-
board cuts) is to delete the $5.1 billion ever-
ready ag disaster relief program. [More for PF subscribers]
The speed of the WH response and the analogous legislative scenarios we have seen lately reinforces my guess we will end up with a very different product, simply because the funds necessary to buy off potential reformers won't be there without smoke and mirrors.

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