Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gifts That Will Shock and Awe (Entry #10)...

A request has poured in for a serious suggestion for a wife. This is a dangerous area, but I will share some ideas that have worked well for me.

* Vanity Table: If you have room in the bedroom, providing a place other than the sink for getting ready seems to be a big deal. Having the mirror fold down helps it to look more like a side table, which also scored points. An example below.


*Pearls: This is not very original but another item that is seldom unwelcome. Some shopping advice. Look, if you can't afford to splurge a little this year, then when? Plus you can literally buy what you can afford - but go slightly beyond that, OK? [More]

*Portable GPS: Depending on how your spouse reacts to technology, she could love this. The kinks have been worked out and these babies are slick. My choice below.


More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

John, no offense, but your advise on what men should get their wives for Christmas is a little lame. Please! Do a favor for all marriages and tell men to quit buying random girly gifts and FIX SOMETHING. I know your wife has been asking you to fix something around the house for months. Unless she gave up and did it herself (if so, you're getting socks for Christmas.)

I'm a female full-time farmer and my husband works off the farm. I am fully able to fix almost anything around here, but I'm already doing the stereotypical wife jobs and I don't want to have to fix the darn doorknob. I bet off-farm wives with on-farm husbands feel the same way.

John Phipps said...


The advice was sincere and I have actually given and been genuinely thanked for such girly gifts, so I don't know what to tell you.

Besides, what I'm going for here is ideas and where/how to buy (as well as nonsense, of course).

Jan got a chipper-shredder for her anniversary, and has received work boots for Mother's Day.

We've found a time and place for feminine and practical both. And I appreciate both qualities in her.

As for fixing things, the assumption that the man can fix it is always questionable.

Merry Christmas!